Why Only Three? Should We Have a “Quadruple Aim”?

healthcare focus aimThe “Triple Aim” concept, first articulated by Don Berwick, MD, has become the guiding principle for the nation and for many individual providers as they seek to address the chaos in the American healthcare system.  As Dr. Berwick notes, he believes that improving the health care system in the U.S. is dependent upon the simultaneous pursuit of three goals:

  •  improving the care experience,
  • improving the health of populations and
  • reducing per-capita costs associated with health care.

But is there a fourth component to this?

In his new book, Achieving the Quadruple Aim in a Technology-Driven Transformed Health System: Better Care, Improved Health, Lower Costs and Decreased Medical Liability, James Couch, MD, JD, explores the questions in America’s medical liability system and how they relate to the current effort to transform the health care system.

Unless we also address the medical liability system, Dr. Couch argues, our ability to realize the Triple Aim is in jeopardy.

Is that the final piece of this healthcare puzzle?  Stay tuned as we feature a series of posts around the Quadruple Aim and Dr. Couch’s insights.

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