EHR Optimization – It’s All About The People

Although the word “optimization” is used synonymously for both EHR Optimization and EHR Customization, they mean two different things. For example:

  • Customization is akin to adding your own code and has its place. Meaning, if an optometry practice needs an inventory module, one can be added through a third party, or by programming your own module.
  • Optimization is all about implementing the built-in feature set of the EHR and using it to its best potential by embedding it into the operations of the practice.

Said another way, optimization is central to improving the way the people use the EHR because, after all, it can’t do anything without people.

Each operation within an EHR can often be done by several different types of people, and in many cases, certain tasks are performed by multiple people. To create efficiency, the ideal state is to create a single touch component.  However, when trying to translate the paper world or a previous EHR to a new EHR, a translation is often not the solution – but a complete rewrite is required.  Such as:

  • What gets routed to a physician or nurse’s in-basket or a scheduler?
  • Who is required to sign-off on a positive vs. negative lab result?
  • What licensure is required to do each task and assigning the correct level to each task?
  • Who should be able to place orders?
  • How are duties assigned based on licensure, compliance & EHR security templates?
  • How can the physician workload be reduced by allowing staff members to work at the top their license?
  • How can work be automatically sent to the appropriate person?

Aligning the people to the new processes within an EHR will take every optimization project to new levels. Doing this captures the highest levels of efficiencies, brings a greater understanding to each person’s area of responsibility and improves the quality of life for all.

Are you customizing or optimizing your EHR?

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